1) Backpack


It's a handbag and it's not a handbag. A multifunctional handbag that has a detachable strap, thanks to which you can carry the handbag on your back like a backpack. And to make matters worse, you can unbuckle the straps with which you carry your handbag over your shoulder ❤️



2) Handbag


Our purse is just big enough to put a laptop, documents, wallet, keys, cell phone...crap :))

In short, it fits everything you need and it's extremely comfortable on the shoulder. The length of the handles is just long enough to wear it in winter over a thick jacket. The bag is zippered and inside there is a large zippered pocket for documents and a laptop. At the same time, you'll find a pocket for small things inside.

3) Crossbody bag


Thanks to the detachable strap, you can attach the strap to the side of the bag and carry it as a cross bag. We all have our favorite style of carrying and we wanted to create a handbag for you that allows you to have them all.❤️


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